About us

With over 20 years of experience in the carpet recycling industry, it has always been our goal to keep as much carpet out of the landfill as possible. It has recently come to our attention that a big segment of carpet is not being collected - Carpet Tile. The use of carpet tile is growing rapidly nationwide and the need for carpet tile recycling is increasing as well. We launched UpStream Textiles to take this effort head on. As California's only collector that specializes exclusively in carpet tile we are excited about the task in front of us.

As a stakeholder in Carpet America Recovery Effort "CARE" our goal is to continually increase the amount of carpet tile that is reused or recycled and keep it out of our nation's precious landfills.

Our Mission is to:

  • Work diligently in developing new and innovative uses for post-consumer textiles.
  • Continuously look for solutions that increase landfill diversion and encourage others to implement sustainable business strategies for a better tomorrow.
  • Strive to meet or exceed our customer's expectations every time.

It is our policy to promote reuse before recycle. We are committed to donating a minimum of 50% of the reusable carpet tile we collect to charitable organizations. 

How It Works



 When new floors are installed the contractor needs to remove and dispose of the old carpet tiles.  At this point the contractor can choose to throw it out or contact us.  Our service will keep it out of the landfill at a fraction of the cost.

Used carpet tile can be delivered to us or we can arrange for pick up.

More about our service

Sorting Process Begins

 First priority is to separate out the carpet tiles that

can be reused.

When the carpet is just too worn out to be reused

we identify the backing type and it is sent to the correct processing plant to be recycled into carpet tile again.

Unfortunately a small percentage of carpet tile, that is too damaged or stained, cannot be reused or recycled and will end up in a landfill.


Sell or Donate Reusable Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles that have been deemed for reuse can be purchased from us directly or through a authorized reseller.

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